Princess Janey

A few months ago, Janey was invited to a princess birthday party.  All of our princess-y dress-ups have been torn to shreds, so we decided to make her a new princess dress.  One fabric shopping trip and a couple hours later, we came up with this:

(in case you're not a regular around here, Janey is the beauty on the right)

I used a stretchy, slightly shiny fabric (no idea what it was, it kind of reminds me of a sports jersey or something though in weight), and I combined different elements of these two tutorials to make it.  We put a pettiskirt (and a couple other skirts, haha) underneath it to give it some fullness, and she was set and ready to party with her friends.  :)  She ended up dressing as the same princess as the birthday girl (so cute!), and as the guest of honor--a real live (possibly drunk or high) Princess Belle.  So awesome.  :)