New Bag

So I bought a bit of fabric to make a bag for my mom for mother's day. It came out pretty cute, I thought, and I was excited to give it to her. She seemed to like it, so I thought all was good.

Yesterday, I realized I didn't have a gift for bunco last night, and I didn't feel like going to buy anything, so I decided to use my leftover fabric from my mom's bag to make into my gift. Now I just have to apologize to my mom, because this bag came out so much better than hers... Sorry mom! If you want me to make yours better, I totally will.

I've been wanting to participate in amylouwho's Sew and Tell for a while now, but rarely have anything great to post. I'm excited today to actually have something to add. :)

A few pics--


Growing Up

Someone has discovered she has hands:

And she's focused...

Seriously focused:

And she got it, all on her own!

Aren't you proud of me, mom?

Also, look at this control--

Again, love this face, so much focus. Like most kids her age, though, just not loving the tummy time. :)

I Love This Face


Things I Never Want to Forget Part 1

-The way Janey says "knock-knock"--sounds more like "knock-ock."
-The way Breanne tries to teach Janey new words (example: Breanne: Do you know what enormous means, Janey? Janey: Nope. Breanne: It means really, Really REALLY big! (with arm motions denoting size). Janey: Oh, yeah), and the way Janey responds like she already knew it.
-Breanne's really loud and boisterous fake laugh.
-The hilarity and laughter in the van on the way home from visiting family. We were telling our favorite jokes (my personal favorite of the night: Janey: Knock-ock Breanne: Who's there? Janey: Me!!), and I love that Breanne is (kind-of) starting to understand what a joke really is. She laughs with this huge, fake laugh when she thinks you're at the punchline (whether you actually are or not). I love having fun with our family this way.
-Cailin smiling and cooing at me when things finally quiet down enough (and even her sly smile as she started to wet in the middle of a diaper change, like she thought she was being so funny and sneaky). I also love her face when I can tell that she wants to smile, but is trying to hide it. So sweet.
-Trying to trick the girls into believing they're a different person in our family (sample conversation: Me (to Janey): Hey, are you Breanne? Janey: No, my Janey! (pointing to herself) Me: Oh, I must be Breanne. Janey: No, you mommy. Me: No, I'm Janey! Janey: No, MY JANEY! (enter Breanne) Breanne: Yeah, that's Janey, and I'm Breanne. Me: Wait, you're Breanne? I thought *this* was Breanne (pointing at Cailin). (continue until everyone is laughing too hard to keep it up, or Janey loses interest)).
-Being woken up to a loud chorus of "Happy Mother's Day, Mom!" from my girls and Cory, and reading their sweet cards.
-The excitement in Breanne's face when she gave me her gift from school--she was SO anxious for me to open it that she couldn't wait for today, I got to open it on Thursday instead.
-Breanne signing "I love you, Mom" after church today.

Lately I've been having a hard time feeling very involved in my children's lives. I know I'm around them 24/7, but I really haven't been feeling very productive, and have just generally been frustrated. Earlier this week, I resolved to try to be more active in my kids lives, being willing to do more of the things they request, more proactive in coming up with activities for them to enjoy, and less involved in this digital world I'm also a part of. It has been so wonderful to reconnect with my kids, and really just remember how much I love them. These simple little games, the jokes, just looking into Cailin's eyes and gurgling back at her--I honestly just never want to forget these moments. I have laughed more this past week than I have in a long time. I am SO blessed to be the mom to these three sweet little girls, and the wife of such a wonderful man. I hope to stay more on track now, and to always be able to feel so thankful. For the first time in a while, the gifts on this holiday were not important--just knowing that I am loved, and have these wonderful 4 people to love in return is perfect.



So during each of the family picture taking events, the grandparents wanted pictures of themselves with the grandkids... and surprisingly, the results of each were fairly similar--apparently it's hard to get a decent picture of large amounts of kids. :)

Wilde Grandkids--

Kilger Grandkids--

(And I have to say--the only reason my girls are even remotely smiling at this point is because Cory told them they could have a dollar if they'd just smile for a second. :))


So like I said, Cailin was sleeping, but I did get a few of me and the older girls--

And then some I LOVE of them together--

I love this one, too, because it's totally candid, and looks to me like they're plotting something great:

How did I get such beautiful girls?


And while we were taking all the pics of the girls, Cailin was doing this:

With her cousins:

So sadly I didn't get a million great photos of her. :(


And here are my favorites of Janey--

Aren't those last few beautiful? I love this girl!

And last but not least, this picture just makes me laugh out loud every time I see it...

Who knew I had a thug for a daughter?


I know I should probably put these pics in a collage or something, but I just love them, so I'm sticking them all out here for you to see. :) After the family pictures, we took some individuals of the kids. Here are my favorites of Breanne--