I Love Me A Good Deal

So today I was on my way to the Buy Low, but decided to stop over at Shopko first, since it's pretty much right next door. I went in to price out their weed'n'feed, which was limited and way too expensive. However, whenever I go to Shopko, I can't help but check out the kiddo clothes, and the Payless store inside. I guess today was my lucky day, because look what I found for $5:

Yes, I did say $5! So excited. And yes, they are American Eagle brand. I don't know who decided to sell 'em so cheap, but I'm SO excited! I love new shoes.  

...Bliss... even if my brother-in-law does think I'm ghetto for shopping at Shopko.  I just love a good deal, what can I say?

For the Ladies of Provo 6th

Due to a few complaints about my lack of updating my blog list (cough*leslie!*cough), I have finally created a blogroll of the ladies I know of in my ward who blog. It can be found below my old blog list (which, btw, hasn't been updated in a long long time. Somday I'll get around to it... but a feed reader just makes things way way way too easy). If any of you would like to be removed from the blog list, please just let me know, and I'll take you right off. Also, if you read my blog and you want to be added, you can let me know, and I'll add you as quick as I can. :)


Snow Days

So today was snow day #2's efforts to stay sane, hence the pajamas (and lots of movies), which weren't as effective at evading frustration as I'd hoped. Yesterday actually went a little better, but I didn't post about it--here are some snapshots into our activity, and at the end of the post is a video, if you care to watch it. It's not terribly exciting, but Janey does talk in it a little bit, which is always fun.

Yesterday's main art activity was fruit loop necklaces... which actually didn't turn out very well, because we all got a little bored before they were finished. But we had some fun:

And here is a shot of the snow... on my brand new Mache Scarlet Ranunculus... such a beauty! I hope she survives:

About Wearing Pajamas All Day

So lately, I've had conversations in many places with many different people about wearing pajamas all day. I am not usually one to do it, though most of my friends seem to swear by it. So today the girls and I tried it.

Turns out I am still definitely not a fan. I felt like I didn't get anything accomplished, and the girls didn't learn anything. I definitely feel like I do a better job as a mom when I really get ready for the day.

Just thought I'd let you know.


New Curtains

So I've had this fabric for curtains for the girls' room since Breanne was about 6 months old, I think... and a month or so ago I finally got around to sewing them and putting them up. I like how they turned out, what do you think?

Sleeping Beauties

Love sleeping babies.

Breanne wanted to pretend to be asleep too... but she forgot.

But here she is, asleep for reals...

Sometimes playing the computer can just wear you out.

Cute Hair

So lately we've been doing some new things with the girls' hair--

Janey's is long enough for pigtails! Yay!

And Breanne's hair can frequently be found looking like this:

Because I've discovered that when I take the buns out, it looks like this:

Such pretty pretty girls.

New House

No, we're definitely not moving.  With all the birthday festivities, the girls ended up with two large boxes.  They've enjoyed playing with them the last couple weeks, so I decided to make them into something a little bit cooler--which they've totally loved.

Welcome to Breanne and Janey's house!

Would you like something from my kitchen?

What's that?  Eggplant?  Sure, let me get that for you.

Wait, wait, look at me!  Over here!  With the blue blue eye!

Yeah.  Me.  I'm pretty darn cute, even with my funny face.  

Wanting to play inside.

Sleeping in the house.

Who knew boxes could be such easy fun?

Birthday Cake

So in looking over my posts today, I realized I never posted a pic of Breanne and Janey's b-day cake, which I made and was a little bit proud of.  So here it is:

Breanne requested a princess cake, so I made one regular (two layer) white cake, and then took one of her little princess dolls, put it inside a mug cake (haven't you see the recipe floating around? If not, and you want to make a 5 minute cake, let me know and I'll pass it along), and frosted it to look like a dress, then stuck it on the cake. I was pretty worried about how poor the frosting looked at first, but once I put on some embellishments (the flowers and borders), it looked a little better. Cory's mom gave me decorating stuff for my birthday last year, and we have LOVED using it for cakes and cupcakes lately--so fun!