Don't worry. Be happy

So I've decided that from here on out every post title will be a line from a song. Perhaps divided differently here than in the song, as there isn't usually a period between worry and be, but still the lyrics to a song. Just occasionally different punctuation.

Anyway, yes, that title was meant to be split into two sentences--the first section of this post will be reassurance for you, the second part be happy for me. Got it? Ok, here we go.

My comcast acct started working today of its own accord, without my even entering a password. Who created these stupid things, anyway? So don't worry, you can still email me via my comcast account, if you really must. Sometimes I forget to look at the default sending address, and it sends from it, which makes me crazy too, but that's ok. It's my own fault. If only everything else would work like I tell it to, including not working because of user error. Oh well.

On to the be happy part--we're going to Yellowstone over Labor Day weekend! Yay! I know, I know, that is two months away, but I am so excited to have a trip to look forward to! I haven't been out of the state since Cory's family moved here, and I've really missed having trips to plan and go on. So hopefully this one will be fun--I haven't been to Yellowstone since I was like five, and Cory's never been, so hopefully it will be a good trip. Things can sometimes get a little crazy with my family, which is who we're going with, but I'm determined to have a good time.

Ok, I just treated Cory like I would Breanne (turned around and gave him a funny face without meaning to, which I do to entertain Breanne all the time...). I need sleep. So goodnight, goodnight, have a good night.

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