So I've got a whole bunch of posts I want and need to write, but for this moment, I need to say something about a REALLY cute crafty-ish blog I ran across yesterday:  Calico.  She makes these adorable things for children, and I really want to win her giveaway this week, so I thought I'd double my chances by sharing her site with all of you.  Feel free to check her stuff out, super adorable.


cally said...


Per your profile...I am not smart enough to claim I can soduku, but I do read the dictionary. Regularly, so we're kinda like word sistas. But not really. You sound much smarter.

Aliese said...

How fun! They totally remind me of Full House. You know, DJ Tanner and her pillow person? Maybe you don't...It's all good. :)

gilian said...

okay, sista, I have commented to Calico and seriously, how could she not choose a gramma who wants to share her newly-won monster friends with her grandbabies?

Sorry about the bag though.