Lights On Parade

So the other day, Breanne, Janey and I went to a quick parade (we actually only made it for the last few minutes, thankfully... it was FREEZING!), which was followed by the "lights on" ceremony for our city. Although we were all very, very cold, I think we each had a good time. If you ask the girls what they saw, they'll tell you--Snow Princesses (our city's royalty), llamas(!), a firetruck, and Santa. They were pretty excited about it all, and I loved watching the wonder in their faces as the city lights started to come on--this holiday season is shaping up to be so wonderful already. I love living so close to the center of the city--we were able to walk to the parade and party in less than 2 minutes (I had the girls in the double stroller so they couldn't wander off, also helped with speed... :)).

Funny story--on our way to the parade, we saw Zippy the Chipmunk (a mascot-sized chipmunk who is somehow tied to our city... I don't understand the connection, sorry) and two elves, who stopped and talked to the girls and shook each of their hands. Breanne was quick to inform me that we shouldn't talk to strangers, even big chipmunks, but I explained to her that in some cases, it's ok to chat briefly with them, as long as we're in a safe situation. Janey was concerned about the 6 foot chipmunk, too, but quickly got over her fear as well. When they were leaving, they wished us a merry Christmas. Breanne was SO excited that it was "finally Christmas!," so I had to explain to her that it's just the Christmas season, not Christmas day yet. She is so funny in all that she is starting to really understand, and what she still gets confused by.

If you care, here is a video of a conversation I had with the girls post-trip, while we were warming up and drinking hot cocoa. The bit between them at the end just cracks me up--I love listening to their little conversations. Funny, funny girls.


Katie Rogerson said...

That was such a cute video! The whole time it was playing Naomi was just riveted. She was even trying to talk to your girls. :)

gilian said...

So glad when you post video. Adorable!

BECKY said...

ADORABLE video! those will be so fun to watch when they're older too!