So every now and then, it just kind of hits me that Breanne no longer is this baby:
Or this 18 month old, lining up her monkeys:

Or this 2 year old, trying on my tank top, socks, and shoes:

Or this just starting preschool girl:

Or even this sweet 4-year-old 4th of July sister:

No, no. She's been all of those things. And now she is this: my full-blown, kindergarten girl:

Picking out her own outfit, hairstyle, and bag fabrics. That's my girl. :)

So ready for her first day.

Standing outside her classroom:

Just a little nervous still:

Braving the playground on her own! Does she not seem just so little compared to all those big kids? (Well, she actually is, as this is not the kindergarten play area, as we found out, but still...)

Chilling with mom before it's time to go in... with a wink:

I'm so proud of my big girl. I love you Breanne, and I can't believe you're already in kindergarten. I'd appreciate it if you could just slow down, just a little bit, even though I'm trying to love every minute of you growing up.


Jen said...

It's crazy how fast these kids are growing! Sad she can't use her cute backpack yet! Hope you are enjoying living in CA.

Katherine said...

That's how I feel! Although, I still think of my boy as just a baby. I'm sure he'll get sick of that real soon.

BECKY said...

i love her pink shoes!
i loved seeing pics of her through the years!

Tannie Datwyler said...

SO fun Jessie. I can't believe you have a kindergartener!! I love the pictures of her with the bag - which by the way, those are totally awesome.

I had a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE dream last night that you died. I was at a "wake" (it wasn't really a funeral) for you and I just kept bawling. It is one of those dreams that sticks with you, so when I woke up I had to let it sink in that you didn't really die. Then I was grateful it was just a dream.... weird huh?

just corby said...

I can't believe you a kinder! And, why did I just now notice the I'm Crafting blog? I am totally swooning over your advent.

Amanda Nemelka said...

So sweet! I can hardly stand Chance going to pre-k, let alone kindergarten. Good luck!! I'm sure she will do great.

Geo said...

So, so wonderful, this post.

April said...

Hi, I'm another mom of three girls. I hope your blog will inspire me to finish sewing that diaper bag I never finished!