This I love

So my mom tagged me the other day, which means that I get to write a list of 3 things I love besides my husband, children, or soda to commemorate this time of love. Since I don't care that much for soda (though I could really go for an orange one right now, oddly enough) that should be easy enough to avoid. The other two, however, are a little more difficult, because almost everything I do revolves around one of them, but I'll give it my best shot.

1. I love my Unisom and B6. Now, to be honest, I am not a medicine kind of person--I don't take painkillers unless I feel like I'm going to die if I don't. I do believe in the beauty of modern medicine, I just don't have much reason to use it, myself.

Except while I'm pregnant. For the majority of both of my pregnancies now, I have had severe morning sickness. Severe as in puking 8+ times a day, unless I take Unisom and B6. These are lifesavers for me--they drop the throwing-up down to 2-3 times a day in the first trimester, and then to not at all during the second and third. I do try to go off the meds every now and then, because at some point I feel like my body should be done being sick, but as was evidenced yesterday, I am not to that point yet this pregnancy. I think last time I was able to stop taking it around two weeks before I had Breanne... maybe this time will be the same. I don't want to be (or sound like) an addict, but I love this stuff.

2. I love feeding people. I love cooking a good meal (and baking a delicious cheesecake!) and feeding it to people, be it my own small family, my larger family, or friends. I love watching them react to delicious (usually...) new foods, and I love giving out my recipes so they can make it themselves. Even if most of my recipes are my mother-in-law's. :) I also love the prep that goes into a dinner party--the planning, the prepping, the cleaning, and finally the cooking. I love it all. And I love that I have a husband who is so willing to help me with it. I just wish I did it more often, at least for my own little family.

3. I love being pregnant. Even though I sometimes feel like it strips women of all their dignity (the waddling, the puking, the stretchmarks, the occasionally overwhelming feeling of fatness...), it is such a beautiful thing. I love feeling the baby move and stretch inside me. I love knowing that my body is able to create another beautiful human being. Or at least start the creation process, as the baby seems almost to create itself, once I get it started. I love knowing that I, the one who can barely draw stick-figures, can be a part of creating real life. Not just art (though it is that, too), but real life. People always talk about how they can't imagine doing it (Cory claims he couldn't, for example), but I can't imagine not wanting to be a part of it.

And with that, I guess I get to tag some more people... So I tag Janene, Tannie, Becky, Eric, Anna, Shilo and Brandon. (Am I allowed to tag 7 people?) I'm pretty sure there wasn't a limit on the number of people I tag, so if anyone else wants to do it, too, please feel free. I'd also like to hear from Cory, though I'm not sure you have a blog to post on, so feel free to post here. :)


gilian said...

I love the loves you chose. I, too, loved B6 and Unisom, I still love cooking for others, and I totally loved pregnancy even with its puking, stretch marks, c-sections, recovery and all of the rest. The little tiny fingers wrapped around my chubby, recently pregnant finger make all of the rest worth it. Totally worth it.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Jesse, that is so sweet. I totally agree with you about being pregant. You know it is one of my favorite things in the whole world.

janet said...

Hi Jessie! I LOVE blogging for the very reason that we get to connect with long lost friends... without much effort. I am so happy for you and your cute family! Good luck with #2. I believe it is more incredible with each baby you add to your family. Instead of dividing your love between your children, somehow it multiplies! It's magical! And of course, if I decide to go private, I will invite you! Great to hear from you!

Deacons Mommy said...

I started this tag! I am so glad I found your blog! Your little girl is darling and I LOVE Abigail Paige for your next. I toyed with the name Abigail if I had a girl but I thought it would be too hard with a sister of the same name. Now that I know you are here I will add you to my friends, hurray!