Thoughts on preparing for the new baby

This is mostly a note to myself, just so you know. I've been thinking about things we need to do and get before the baby gets here, and this is my list (which was originally written down in Breanne's notebook in Asparagus Green crayon, if you're wondering, but I decided it needed a more permanent, less scribbled-on home).

To Do:
Paint Breanne and the baby's room
Move some shelves down from Mom and Dad's (gamama and boppa's) house
Finish Breanne's new bedding (just tie the stinkin' quilt, for crying out loud!)
Move the furniture around: dresser to other wall; set up toddler bed; take down crib(?); find a place for Breanne's desk and easel; put in new shelves
Figure out where the bassinet and swing need to be and where to move other furniture to
Get out newborn clothing and items, wash and put away on shelves (in baskets) and in dresser
Find the baby bath
Find the carseat, figure out if it's still useable or if it needs to be replaced
Decide if I want a double stroller, and if so, what kind
Find the baby's Baby Book
Fill out more in Breanne's book
Play more with Breanne
Find some gifts for Breanne from the baby and from Mom and Dad to try to help ease the transition...
Decide on a name

To Get:
A few more receiving blankets (so we don't have to take away all the blankets Breanne now uses for her dolls)
Stuff mentioned above
Newborn outfit to take the baby home in
Gifts for Breanne mentioned above
Nursing stuff

That's all I can come up with tonight... I'm sure changes will be made over time, and hopefully things will get crossed off this list!


Brandon said...

Good luck with item 1:

"Paint Breanne."

What colors are you thinking?

BECKY said...

WOW. Babies require a lot of work! :)

Jessie said...

Yeah, I thought things'd be easy with the 2nd child, especially since it's another girl... :) Mostly it's just moving stuff around that's too heavy for me to move, though, so I've got to plan ahead enough that Cory is able to help me out. If only he weren't so busy!

And I think Breanne wants to be painted green, for what it's worth. (You are such a writer to have noticed that).

Anna said...

when is this baby due? I can't remember? And you're painting...do you guys own your house? I can't wait til we own our own house.

Jessie said...

We do own our house, Anna. There's a picture of it in a post from Dec. 18th, I believe. We love it, though we're a little crowded already... it's worth it.

And the baby is due March 13th, so less than a month now! Crunch time is upon us.