A Couple Good Days

So the last few days have actually been amazingly productive, all things considered, and I'm proud of myself.

Crossed off the To Do list:
Finish Breanne's bedding,
get out and wash infant clothing and blankets,
find the baby bath,
find the baby book,
fill out more in Breanne's book,
play with Breanne (though there's still more of that to come),
buy gifts (though I still want to get some of those foam letters or animals or something for her bathtime),
and I'm pretty sure we've decided on a name--most likely it'll be Janey Renae Kilger.

Crossed off the To Get list:
Nursing stuff
Gifts for Breanne

Now I just need some diapers (but the hospital will give me at least a few of those, so I don't desperately need them yet), some desitin, and an outfit to take the baby home in. The furniture (shelves and such) should (finally!) be arriving tomorrow, thanks to Herschel and Jake, which will mean the rooms can be redone and fixed up to fit two children, once the girl's room is painted. And Cory's sisters have agreed to come help paint Breanne's room on Saturday, which takes that off the list, too, assuming the color is ok. And then we can turn it into the cutest darn girl's room ever! Or at least it will hopefully look ok, and fit two girls in it fairly comfortably. :) I have to keep reminding myself that we're almost there, and even if everything isn't done when she gets here, we'll be ok.

Other things accomplished:
Went to the screening of Forever Strong, a rugby movie Cory's work is distributing (for at least the LDS audience), which was really well done,
Actually got out of the house and took Breanne to the park, hence the (really crappy and small) pics from my phone.
Cleaned the bathroom, always an achievement,
Did all the laundry so we can move the dryer this weekend (now if only it folded itself...)
Played a game of Scrabulous (Facebook version of Scrabble) against a friend in which I scored 504 points total (a definite record for me--included two words that used all of my letters), and managed to not offend the friend in the process...

All in all, a good couple days. And I really wish I could figure out a way to just put all those pictures in a simple row across the top of this post, but I can't, so this is as good as it gets. Not learning CSS (that's what Cory says it's in) today. Maybe when I don't have so much left on the to do list.


Tannie Datwyler said...

That name is so cute. Are you getting excited?

Mandi said...

Wow, that is definitely impressive! I want to see pictures of the room when it's done. And I totally need to go clean the bathroom now.

BECKY said...

I thought the "stair look" was pretty sweet!

Congrats on everything you've gotten done... WOW! Good luck on this weekend!

Janene said...

I wish I was as productive as you and I'm not even pregnant.

Can't wait to meet Janey! Cute name by the way.