A Conversation with Breanne

This morning's conversation:

(I open her bedroom door to find her sitting right behind it, reading her books)

Me: Good morning, Breanne
B: Hi, Ma. Hi cat (to Hazel, right behind me).

Me: It's cold in your room, huh.
B: Right. Brr.

(shuffles to get up)
Me: Would you like some cereal for breakfast?
B: Nope. Me-er Man. (her version of Peter Pan)

(Breanne walks to the tv in the front room and proceeds to turn on Peter Pan (by herself, of course), which we had begun last night, but turned off because it was too late to finish it.)

So I try to get her to eat, but she just wants to watch tv...sheesh.

Breanne is talking so much these days, and is so funny sometimes! Very opinionated, too. Like when Grandpa and Jake asked her to jump the other day, and she simply said "No." and that was the end of the story.

Other Breanne-isms:

--Wah hammend? (Meaning "What happened," usually comes after she's thrown her cup off the table, or something equally unexpected happens)

--Nay-nu (insert name here, like "Nay-nu Boppa). (Means "Thank You, Grandpa," generally only comes after a reminder of "What do you say," to which she responds "Peese!" and you say, "No...")

--elnant wide peese? (referring to her new pool, which has an elephant slide that she loves)

--Wed, dop. Neen go! (most often heard in the car, when Breanne notices the stoplights, and reminds us of which color means what action)

--Huppy duck in house (Actually means puppy stuck in his house... definitely need to work on more consonant sounds.)

There are a bunch more, but these are the only ones currently coming to mind. Another favorite of mine are her names for people--

Cory --Can't remember...
Colin--I'm not remembering right this second, either
Kelly--I think the only sister who doesn't have a name yet somehow, but Breanne really does know and love her, don't worry...

Have I mentioned recently how much I love watching her grow and learn to put things together? It's one of the best things in the world. Kids are so amazing!


BECKY said...

SO, SO, SO cute!!! How fun to be able to talk with your daughter!!! I can't wait to experience this someday!

Katie Lady said...

Colin is Nol. And Kelly sometimes has a reference and most of the time when you ask for her name Breanne just goes "huh?" Which is personally one of my favorite Breanne-isms. It comes out of her mouth constantly! I also love when she cheers in gratitude. :)

Colby and Meredith said...

That is so adorable! Kids are the funniest!

Janene said...

Too cute.