Cool Pool!!

So we finally bought Breanne a pool, which I've been wanting to do for a long time. I was originally planning on just getting a cheap little plastic one, but then saw these on sale at Target for about $25.00, and couldn't resist... we'd been wanting a slide, too, so this serves both purposes.

Breanne loved the pool from the very start, which sort of surprised me--she had so much fun in the water! I thought I'd have to do some convincing, but she just slid right in, and loved it.

So we invited Spencer, Breanne's friend who lives across the street, to come swim, too. He, unlike Breanne, was not so very fond of the water from the start, and at first was sliding down and leaping out as soon as he could... but pretty soon he got to enjoying it, too.

And little Janey (who will probably swim later this summer) was totally content to watch from her car seat. She also loves to play with the little toys on the handle bar of her seat, so she was a happy girl, too.

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Tannie Datwyler said...

How fun! $25.00 is not a lot for a pool like that. I'd ask you to buy me one (no Target here), but Claire is terrified of blow up and kiddie pools. She likes BIG pools that she can swim in with mom and dad, but not those little ones. Silly huh?