New Friends

A few weeks ago, we were able to get together with our new friends Mandi and Scott for the first time.  Janey and Scott are a day apart, so it was fun to see them interact.  Breanne really did pretty well trying to play nicely with the babies and the baby toys, which made me happy. Thanks so much to Brooke, Mandi, and Sharon for making this happen--it was so fun to play with new friends.  

Yes, this is a really interesting book, can't you tell?

Scott is almost 2 inches taller than Janey, and two or three pounds heavier, too, even though they were born almost equal.

Janey thinks Scott is super interesting.

And hilarious.


Tannie Datwyler said...

A couple things:
1 - your vegetables look AWESOME! I am SOOO jealous because we planted a lot, but with so much shade in our back we haven't reaped very much from our harvest sadly. . .
2- Janey is a DOLL - I love those pictures with that little baby Scott

3- Brianne is hilarious - that crib story cracked me up.

To answer your question:

Claire only has one doll because Richard and I are super poor and we don't buy her toys as a rule. Her grandmother's don't generally buy her toys either because my mom gives her clothes (go figure) and Richard mom gives her books (also go figure). Neither of them have ever bought her a doll. She is happy with her one, so we don't sweat it and don't spend money on it.

Thanks for the info about nursing baby dolls. :) Strange question - do you nurse with a blanket on all the time with Breanne in the room?

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

I love your little girls red hair!

BECKY said...

Janey is so dang cute! I loved the headband!