So today I went out to the garden for the first time in a few days, and found many (read: 25!) tomatoes ripe and ready to be picked, which was fun (see my "today's picks" photo on the sidebar--I'll be updating it regularly, I hope).  After picking the tomatoes, I ventured over to the zucchini, where I found this:

Does anyone know what would cause this sort of thing? I noticed the other day while I was out there that the zucchini was looking a little dimpled on the end, and by today it was brown and withered... so sad. Now I have to wait for more.

On a related note, how does one tell when corn is ready to be picked? I have several ears growing, but I have no idea how to tell when they're done. I'll be doing some research on that today.


The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

I love that you have a garden! You should share your tips as I have no idea how to even get started or when the best time to plant anything is or even what to plant. We close on our house this month but I imagine Fall isn't the best time to plant anything right...or is it? Your tomatoes look yummy!

Jessie said...

Umm, since this is my first time and all, I don't have a ton of tips, but I do know that you can plant peas and lettuce type veggies (spinach, etc.) in both early spring (like mid-march) and late summer to fall. That is my plan, since I was busy getting used to my new baby this past spring and missed my chance to grow peas and spinach, both of which I love. I'm not sure exactly when to plant it, though. And I have no idea what the climate difference is between here in Utah and where you're living, Jen.

Meredith said...

I love gardens! But unfortunately, I don't have any tips for you about the zucchini. However, the tomatoes look fab!

Mrs. Mysti Hedquist said...

Hi Jess, I recently read an article in the Trib on tomatoes that might be related. Here is a link for you to check out:

Stephanie said...

You can tell when corn is ready to be picked by checking the kernels. If they are soft and have a milky substance come out of them when you press, they are ready. Morning is the best time to pick them to get sweeter corn. And if you're not going to eat it/freeze it/can it right away, put it on ice or in the fridge. Or wait until your ready to use it before you pick it. This has something to do with the sugars in the corn breaking down. How much corn did you grow/get? We are debating whether to plant some next year.