Recent Deliciocities

So I'm pretty sure deliciocities (deliciosities?) is a word.  And if it's not, it should be, to describe the following produce from my garden:

I have never attempted peppers before, and was so pleased when they did so well... now if we could just use them all before they went bad!  And as for zucchini... well, I think I gave away at least 8 last week, and yet I still have 2 sitting on my counter, and 4 almost ready to pick off the vine... I'll be shredding them and freezing them for later, I'm sure.

Is this not the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?  Yes, that's right, I grew a cantaloupe.  Actually, I've grown a lot of cantaloupe--there are at least 6 in the last stages of getting ready to be picked and eaten.  And if you were wondering--yes, it was delicious.  I couldn't even wait to take a picture of the whole thing, it smelled so good, and it was the juiciest, ripest melon I've ever eaten.  So wonderful.
I am seriously so proud of how well my garden has done this year--I didn't expect nearly the results we've had. Next year I need to remember to get the peas, lettuce and spinach in the ground early, give the pumpkins, zucchini, cantaloupe and watermelon more space, move the peppers farther away from the tomatoes, get cages around ALL the tomato plants, plant the beans closer to the fence, and skip the corn, the jack-o-lantern pumpkins, and the cucumbers. I'd post a few pictures of the actual garden, but it is so overgrown, it's kind of embarrassing. I'm glad that food grows even when it's surrounded by weeds.  And I'm excited to start harvesting pumpkins, now that mine are starting to go orange. I should have at least 10 somewhere-between-a-softball-and-a-basketball-sized ones, which should be great for decorating, and boiling and grinding for pies, breads, cookies and cakes (they're the sugar pie kind). So excited. Who knew that I actually did have a greenish thumb? Not me, that's for sure! :)

And speaking of delicious foods, not that I grew these, but I blended them up--
These are my first attempts at homemade baby food for Janey--so far, we've probably tried at least 15 different baby foods, and the only thing she wants to eat are mashed fresh bananas, and mashed fresh peaches.  Fresh pears went over ok, too.  These are the remainders of the peaches and pears my grandma sent home with us, so Janey will have some good food to eat through the cold season, too.  Hopefully she likes them still, it seemed almost too easy to make her food.


Amelia said...

Way to go Jessie! Did you know you can slice and freeze peppers? I love sneaking zucchini (they actually call them courgettes over here) into everything, pizza, spaghetti, you name it, I've done it! you are my gardening hero!

Mandi said...

I'm so impressed with your garden produce! I can't wait until we have some land; I think if we're still renting next growing season I'm definitely going to get some large planter boxes or window boxes.

I love homemade baby food! That's all we do. I have a baby food press and I just mash up canned and fresh foods and freeze them then zap them in the microwave for 30 seconds. It's so inexpensive! :)

gilian said...

You are so much better at gardening and actually getting results than I ever was. And I must admit that I never made baby food. I hope that isn't the reason why Stu got sick. Yikes! if it were, you'd all get sick. Obviously it must not be the lack of homemade baby food.

You are such a great mom.

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

You're amazing! I'm jealous!