A Few Things About Breanne

She loves having her toenails and fingernails painted, and prefers when you let her pick out the color herself.

She loves her slide (and watching tv from the top of her slide...)

She really loved "driving" this bus at the mall... until some strange kid got on and actually put money in the thing to make it go... 

And she loves loves loves pretending.  About anything.  For example:
What you may see in these pictures is her blessing dress.  What she sees is Meg, and she is pretending to be Hercules.
Loving her "Meg,"

And showing you her Herculean muscles.

Down here, she is being an airplane.  Which is much more important than eating her lunch, obviously.

And these are some of my personal favorites-- A normal puppy dog, a happy puppy, and a sad puppy.  Don't ask me how the happy puppy actually looks like a puppy.  That's just her face any time you tell her to look like a happy puppy.  What a funny girl.

Breanne does not love taking naps anymore, and most days, flat out refuses.  Even though she obviously still needs them on occasion:

My Favorite phrases Breanne uses a lot right now:

Oooh, that a nice choice for you!
What you favorite...?
Come sit by me, Mommy!
What you doin', Mom?
I'n a watch a movie!

All nice, right?  Well, how about these?

Get lost!
Yeave me a-yone!
I can't!
Go 'way!

I think someone has seen entirely too much of Oscar the Grouch lately.  But I sure do love this girl, and her sweet ways.  She's getting so big! and so opinionated about everything, but I love watching her grow, and learn, and be herself.  Her pretend play just melts me sometimes.  I love the conversations her dolls have (most often they're repeats of conversations we've had lately... :)), and the way she portrays her couples.  I hope they're a reflection of what she sees from us... though I don't think we kiss nearly as often as her prince and princesses do... :)

By the way, I'm so sorry about the crappiness of some of these pictures--I don't know what has happened to my camera--all the settings look fine to me, but it's acting like it's way over-exposing the pics or something--we really need a new camera.  But I figured something was better than nothing.


Tannie Datwyler said...

That post is so fun! I love it, and I especially enjoyed the puppy dog pictures. :)

*Liese said...

Hands down-cutest feet. I love that she enjoys having her toenails painted!

gilian said...

Sweet, sweet, smart, creative, funny girl! Great pics!

BECKY said...

I love the pics. I love to see how much your girls change every time... you may not notice it as much since they grow right in front of you, but they sure do change every post!

I love the part about the kisses... you guys know you're always making out!! :) What fun!

Wayman Fam said...

Hey Jessie. It's been a few months since we've seen each other. Breanne is so darn cute!! I can't believe how big both girls are getting. Hopefully we are doing a Jensen get together soon so we can catch up and the kids can play. Brayden asks to play with Breanne sometimes. Hope you guys are doing good. Take care!

Amanda said...

She is just such a cutie! I love her toes, and that she didn't like when the bus actually moved - spence was the same way for a while =). Anyway, great pictures!

Tannie Datwyler said...

HEY! I never said that 25 is old I said it is "grown up." :) We should for sure get together, I'd love to see you as well. We should just plan a day and somewhere we can meet halfway. Gas prices are so reasonable right now it isn't that big of a deal.

Anna said...

my favorite is "oh that's a nice choice for you" ha ha. hilarious. btw, when are we going to get together?

Cory & Kimmy said...

i love this post! and i am so jealous that katie gets to babysit for your girls! I want to!

Geo said...

Oh, yes, it is VERY important to be an airplane. Food will always be there. Wings will not.