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I've always admired women who were able to get things done during their pregnancies--with both Breanne and Janey, it seemed like all I could do was live from day to day, nothing new or extra. For whatever reason, this pregnancy I've had a little more desire to craft, and many more things I want to make, and even some energy to do them, so I've been trying to get them done. I realized the other day when I was getting things out for the new baby that Janey has taken over most of the baby blankets and uses them for her baby dolls. I don't want her to be taking blankets from the baby, so I picked up some fabric a few days ago, and came up with these blankets today:

A few things of note: I love the purple fabrics, and the edges are purposely left unfinished and cut so they'll fray over time, as you can see in this tutorial, which is also where I got the idea for the blanket. One more thing on this blanket--it was my first time using a zigzag stitch on my machine... go me!

And then there's this beauty, which I LOVE the fabrics on:

Using a tutorial from the same site, for this blanket, I learned how to sew on rick rack, which I know seems obvious, but was actually different from how I saw it working in my head. Don't you love this happy fabric? And I think the rick rack makes it just slightly more girly, so maybe people will still realize the baby is a girl when she's wrapped in it... maybe?

And last but not least, I picked up 2 yards of this fabric, which I love and reminds me of my childhood. I intended on just using it front and back for one more blanket... but I'm not certain I love that idea. What would you do with it?

Next up: a nursing cover. I have the materials and everything, just need to get it done. Hopefully in the next few hours, if Janey will EVER take a nap... all of a sudden she has no desire to nap in her bed. So frustrating. I'm pretty sure I'm going to NEED her to take a nap when the baby gets here. If you have any great suggestions on getting her to stay in her bed for naptime, just let me know.


*Aliese* said...

The rosebud fabric totally reminds me of my childhood as well! I had many blankets and dresses with a similar print. I think it'd make a way cute receiving blanket with a pink gingham on the other side, or a pink with tiny, white polka dots.

As for nap time, I don't have kids...I have no experience. However, I have a friend and a cousin who both have explained to their girls that it's "quiet time" rather than nap time. They each set timers in their girls' rooms and they can read books or play on their beds (not on the floor) until the timer goes off. Apparently it's worked well for them-maybe you could give it a try.

Anna said...

way to be productive! And if I were you I would use that rose fabric to make a blanket and maybe some burp cloths too...so cute.

pinksuedeshoe said...

Very cute! I posted my blanket tutorial the other day, and I think a pink gingham/strip/dot would be super cute with the rose print. (I love the sunshine fleece too.. my mom has some, which I may or may not have confiscated :o)

Mandi said...

The rosebud print is EXACTLY what my baby bedding was, except it was blue roses (because my mom just KNEW I was going to be a boy :).

The blankets are very cute; I especially like the frayed edges. Thanks for the links--I may just have to make a few of these!

BECKY said...

Hooray for crafting! Keep posting the finished products and where you get the instructions! Love the top picture. :)

gilian said...

You take great pictures, but let me say that the blankets are even cuter in real life than on your blog. No wonder Janey wants to snag them all.