So since I know several of my readers are pregnant, I just thought I'd throw this out here before I pass the word around my ward-- We have an extra stroller that I'm looking to give away. It is a nice stroller, made by Graco, that works with our carseat (I'm keeping the carseat, sorry). The only reason I'm giving it away is because we don't need it--we have two umbrella strollers, and a nice new double stroller. I don't really plan on needing any more than that. :) It's probably around 8 years old, but still works great--we never used it much, and Cory's aunt, who owned it before us, probably didn't use it a whole lot, either. It is black, white and gray, so very gender neutral. I'm just tired of having it take up space (it is a bigger stroller, so a little bulky). I'd imagine, even if you got a nice new Graco carseat, that it'd still work to buckle the seat into, though you'd have to check that to make sure. Either way, it can definitely still be used. Let me know if you're interested--leave a comment, or shoot me an email. First to ask and make arrangements to come get it can have it. If you really want, I can take a picture of it, but it's currently in the basement, and I don't feel like bringing it up until I have to. :) Let me know.

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