So... my computer broke. It is (was?) a laptop, and currently, you can pretty much just lay the screen on top of the keys whatever way you want. Not so good. So I may be hit and miss for the next little while until we either fix it up, or buy me a new computer. It might be a while. :/

Hopefully, with all my free time (since I can't be on the computer), I'll get some good sewing done, and be able to show it to you all when I come back. Or maybe I'll just read, and play with my kids. That sounds good, too.


The Kilger Family said...

Sometimes I just wish all of our computers would stop working for just one day... oh, and the TV, too. I bet I could get so much done without those distractions! (Or how much Chris could get done. ha)

BECKY said...

we'll miss you! hooray for projects to keep you bizzay though!