Repurposing Take 2

Today, I attempted a dress for Janey. I found an adorable white with tiny yellow polkadots shirt that I really wanted for myself, but there was nothing even similar in my size, nor do I actually *need* another shirt. So Janey gets it. Having learned from Breanne's dress, this time I cut off the "skirt" part of the dress first, and left it full. I cut out the top (in the fashion of Made's 90 Minute Shirt), using the original neckline again. The pattern on the fabric is SO light, so I decided I might need a little more contrast in it. I found an old, stretched out yellow t-shirt of mine, and cut a strip out to put in the middle of the top and bottom of Janey's dress. The last step was sleeves, which I was able to cut out of the extra scraps leftover from the top of the shirt. After I pieced it all together, I came out with this:

Janey really likes it, and insisted on wearing it all evening. Once again, though, it's just so-so. But better than Breanne's, I think. Progress. :) I want to take the yellow strip in, make it about 1, maybe 1.5" across instead of the 2.5" it is now. And while I do that, hopefully I can fix some of the gathering. This is really my first experience in sewing with knits, and it's definitely been a challenge. Maybe someday I'll sew with a pattern, and get things that actually come out looking nice... but first I'll have to learn how to do that. :/

In the meantime, Breanne loves her new dress, too... but mostly just likes to make crazy faces at the camera:


Amanda said...

Jessie, you are crazy amazing! I love that both girls love their dresses. And I love Breanne's crazy face =).

pinksuedeshoe said...

I saw that little yellow polka dot. So so cute! Love the dresses you're making!

Becky said...

I really like that dress! I think it looks great. I wish I was crafty in this way sometimes...may someday.

Janene said...

You are so talented. Love the dresses. How do you find the time to sew? I can't wait to see what you try next.

Fernanda said...

Hey...they look awesome! If you want ideas I recommend to look here!
she is amazing...and she is always making cute things for her daughter...and I think that she even did the same thing with a shirt!!

Anna said...

Turned out so cute. Really.

Watt Family said...

I love looking at your blog! Cute projects and cute kids!

Messy La said...

Hi there!
Stumbled across your blog and really loved it!
Love all the dresses your making and all the little touches you are adding.
I am just starting blogging and really get inspired by blogs such as your own.
I will become a permanent viewer!