Pics Lost in Time

So in case you haven't heard, Cory gave me a new laptop for "Valentine's" (he just wanted an excuse to get me one). Yeah, he's awesome. I know. :) Anyway, hopefully this will mean I can blog more, and get back into my groove of actually reading blogs and responding to them.

In the meantime, here are a few pics and a quick awesome impromptu video that haven't been posted due to the inconvenience of not having had a computer:

I was cleaning walls and doorways a couple days ago, and found this written on *both* of my bedroom doors:

Cailin really likes birthday cake. She was the first of my kids to just reach out and grab it and shove it in her mouth:

Breanne wanted to focus on her "homework" one day... it's a coloring and activity book, if you're wondering:

This one is for Shilo--this is the back of my sewing machine foot. See the stick-y-out-y thing, and how it has a notch on the top of it? That's the thread cutter. The notch.

Breanne's letter to Santa (it reads Dear Santa, Bring this to me please. (heart) Breanne, and then has a picture of the Rapunzel Tower):

Occasionally I do wipe off my kids faces, get them dressed, and do their hair. Proof of this with Janey:

And I just love this sleeping pic of Cailin--I rarely get to see her sleep anymore, and I just love her sticking out tongue:

And an impromptu video: I swear they were singing it before I started recording it--it was NOT my idea, I just wanted to record it for those lousy and long days in the future. :)

Life over here really is good. I'm sitting on some great news, just waiting for all the details to work out before I post it, but I promise, I'll let you all in on it soon. As soon as I can, the anticipation is killing me.

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gilian said...

I am so glad:

You are married to such a great guy.
You finally got a new compy.
You posted such great pics.
More video please!