What a Year

Well, it's true. Cailin has officially been with our family for a year now, and I can't believe it. Cliche or not, this year has gone by SO quickly! This little girl is a fighter. From not wanting to be named Natalie Paige to RSV to chickenpox... it's been quite the year. I'm so glad she's so tough and able to fight things out. I love her spunky personality, even through her bouts of yelling at me until I figure out what, exactly, it is that she wants. Most of all, I'm just so glad she's ours.

And now, for your viewing enjoyment (ok, I just wanted the walk down memory lane myself...), I present you with Cailin's first year, a photo story:

First moments:

First day:

First week at home:

Back at the hospital due to RSV

So tired of being at the hospital:

She's a great burper, and an awesome face maker around 1 month:

and still so cute at 1 month:

2 months and cherry cute:

3 months and smiling all the time:

4 months and OUTSIDE (also blowing bubbles is awesome, didn't you know?):

5 months and getting around by rolling:

about a week after 5 months old, and chickenpoxed to the max:

6 months and hiding from her mom already... and thinking it was hilarious:

7 months and eating french fries at the zoo with grandma... what could be better?

8 months on a cold day:

9 months and of course a princess for Halloween, though she didn't much care for the crown:

10 months and thinking something is absolutely hilarious:

11 months and eating the biggest marshmallow known to man... conveniently right next to the tub, which is precisely where she ended up when finished:

11 months and attacking the camera, because that's just her style (also please note the awesome hair):

And one year old, hanging out at the mall with the big kids:


The Kilger Family said...

Love all your new posts! I just love Cailin and I'm glad I get to be one of the few people she is ok with(most of the time).

Your floors look great! And I am thinking my floors could use some OxiClean too, especially right under the dining table.

BECKY said...

cute, cute, cute posts!!!!

gilian said...

It has been quite a year. So glad to be part of it all.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Jessie! She is ADORABLE. I love the "cold day" picture.