Janey is One!!

I can't believe my baby is one.  I know most of you have heard me say this, but seriously--Breanne just seemed so OLD when she turned one--so ready for a forward facing carseat, so ready for oranges and milk... so ready to be a one-year-old.  With Janey, I do not feel this way.  This last year has gone by so fast for me, and even though I have loved almost every minute of it, I just can't believe it's gone.  Seriously.  This little girl has brought so much into my life.  She is such a momma's girl, and I honestly can't imagine a life without her sweet little person in it.  So, a few things about Janey (and some of my favorite moments relived...):

Janey was one of the most mellow babies I have ever seen, which was such a blessing for me.  She was sleeping through the night (8 hours, baby!) by 2 weeks (that's when I decided to quit waking her up for feedings... sheesh), and has continued to do so for her entire life thus far, minus a few nights of teething and other illness.  

She caught RSV when she was about a week old, and it was terrifying.  Watching her struggle to breathe in the middle of the night and knowing there was nothing I could do but hold her... very overwhelming to a new-to-two mom like myself.  She was a serious fighter, though, and surprised even the doctor by not having to be admitted into the hospital.

Janey started rolling over just after she hit the three-month mark... which is about a month and a half early.  She quickly mastered this art, and began rolling everywhere.  She (like her sister) rolled constantly until she was between 9-10 months, when she discovered the army crawl.  Within a month of army-crawling, though, she discovered the real crawl, and then walking (all within a month).

Janey started getting teeth during the first weekend of October (the Friday before General Conference, whenever that was), and has continued to get them very quickly.  She is now up to 9 teeth... four front top, four front bottom, and one top molar.  She loves to chew her food with her front teeth, which I think is hilarious.

Janey also makes a "funny face" on request--she scrunches up her eyes and nose, and breathes noisily through her nose--it is my favorite face.  If I can find a good picture of it, I'll post it.  She is just adorable, what can I say.  :)

Janey started to learn to walk right at the same time as I started potty-training Breanne... which was the first time I'd ever questioned the distance between my two girls.  Trying to keep Janey away from the potty while we were sitting in there all day was quite the feat.  So fun, though, to have both girls going through something so important at the same time.

Janey is now on the small side--she came out 8 lbs, and only 18 inches long, which was pretty chubby (she came out with rolls on her thighs... it was just too much! :)).  She's kept her chubbiness, and has also stayed pretty short, making for some adorable thighs and chubby cheeks, and a cute little belly.  Perhaps this is part of why I can hardly believe she's one--last time we had her weighed, she wasn't even 17 lbs!

And now... Janey is a full-blown walking climber!  I never would have guessed this, coming from her very very mellow beginnings and all, but she is such a daredevil these days.  Scares and thrills me to death every time.  Seriously, though, she is just reckless sometimes, constantly falling down and bonking her face on things... last week she had both a serious gash above her eyebrow, and a black eye... so sad.  I swear, I pay attention to her, she just has it out for herself.  :)  She is also already trying to jump, something Breanne didn't even attempt until she was much older.

I really do love this sweet little girl--she gives me hugs and kisses constantly (not very many people get these from her, as she's a little more reserved than other babies we know), and sometimes needs only me, which is a wonderful feeling.  I really can't think of any better words to describe this little girl--she really is just a sweet little one, and her little words she's starting to figure out are sometimes the highlights of my day.

March 7, 2008:

March 7, 2009:

How can she be so grown up?  Where has my baby gone?  As much as I miss the days of cuddling and cooing, I am also looking forward to the next stages of Janey's life--she continues to be more and more entertaining and fun as she gets older, and I am excited to see what she brings to our lives next.  I love this little girl.


McFam said...

Wow, Jess! CRAZY! Your girls are beautiful, and growing, growing, growing . . . where does the time go?

*Liese said...

Aw, what fun memories to have! I love how you document them. That's definitely something I need to remember to to if I decide to have kids.