Janey Wants Cake

So here is the last of us singing to Janey last night with her cake and lit candle... I was afraid she'd grab for the candle and get burned, so I blew it out pretty quickly... turns out Janey just wanted the cake. :)


*Liese said...

I love the reach for the cake--even better that she succeeded.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Oh, it is SOOOO hard when your babies grow up, but so fun too. She is a sweetheart Jessie - what a cute little chubby girl. Linus will be heavier than her soon. :) He's nearly 16 lbs. That kid is a chunk. I love him tons though. We really do need to just get together and have our kids play. I'd love to talk to you too. We need to just set a date and meet somewhere.

Amanda said...

I love all the new posts with such GREAT pictures! I agree, I cannot believe Janey is 1, and this year has gone by so fast! She is so sweet and mellow, but is definitely her own little person who knows what she wants =). And what she wants is to climb!!