3-Year-Old Stats

Age: Three

Height: Not sure yet, we'll let you know in a couple weeks after the visit to the Dr.

Weight: 27 lbs


Color: RED

Animal: Goat. No joke, you ask her, that's what she'll say.

Food: Cereal

Movies: Lion King (but only today, every time you ask her answer is different)

Books: "Nigh-night Moon" (Goodnight, Moon)

Game: "Ladders One!" (Chutes and Ladders, she just got it for her birthday)

Primary song: Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam

Past time: "hmm, hmm, hmm. Maybe I wike, wike, wike, umm, hmm, play wid pway-doh!" (after much deliberation, it came out that play-doh is her favorite pastime. However, I'd argue that it's actually playing on the pbskids website, or watching movies, or playing games, or coloring...she does all of those things much more often than she plays with play-doh, silly girl.)

Favorite Birthday Present: "IIIIIIIIII don't know... maybe, maybe, maybe, hmm, umm, my, my, my, my, movie!"

Best Feature: Her contagious happiness. In general, Breanne is a very good natured little girl, and tries hard to please others, though she's not afraid to stand up for herself (or cry so I'll stand up for her... sheesh).

Funniest things said by Breanne lately: "Oh, sweetheart!" (to any and every doll... everyone must have a sweetheart (and usually it's their mom... :))). Also, "No Breanne, only Zuul!" (at Cory's promting. I'll post the video later. Hilarious.)

Biggest accomplishments in the last year: potty-training in less than a week(hooray!!) and losing the pacifier. Also, learning to be a great big sister, most of the time.

Best Friend: Attison

Favorite TV Show: "deh-mee Bweet" (Sesame Street.  We've been working really hard on beginning words with an "s" sound, but it just isn't quite there yet.)

I sincerely do love this girl. She keeps me on my toes, and sometimes drives me a little bit crazy with her constant demands and stubbornness, but she is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Though some of the things we've dealt with as a family haven't been easy, she has been one of the constants keeping me going, forcing us to move forward, and see the good in the world around us. She also has adapted to being a big sister so well--rarely has she ever done anything to intentionally hurt Janey (though occasionally she will yell at her or block her out so she can't get to her toys...). I just hope that these girls can keep this great relationship they have throughout their lives, and can continue to be the best of friends. I am a pretty darn lucky mom.

Breanne's Birthdays:

I stole this stats idea from my friend Janet, I hope she doesn't mind, if she even reads this.  :)


Tannie Datwyler said...

I love this, I'll have to try to remember in 6 months to do the same on Claire's birthday. :) I love those types of updates.

Stephanie said...

I love the last picture of Breanne. SOOOO cute! And you HAVE to post the "Zuul" video. That's what we called Ben before we new we were having a boy (as opposed to "it"). AND I will DEFINITELY bring you over some canned apricots. We have tons and they need to be eaten.

Amelia said...

Love it! I'm sure Janet won't mind... Happy B-Day to your oldest. Squeeze her tight, it won't be long until she's going to school like my oldest.

BECKY said...

My goodness that girl has clevage and she's only three!! :)

I loved the stats... how fun to get to hear what you hear from her daily. :)

Amanda said...

I love that her favorite food is cereal! So cute. And I also love that you asked her to answer these questions, instead of just writing what you thought...cause that's what I'd do =).

Tannie Datwyler said...

Wwll of course CS Lewis is fantasy! The Chronicles are of course (yes, they are alligorical, but they are still fantasy). :) In fact, I believe that series is what hooked me into reading fantasy. Although they are VERY deep as far as fantasy goes. I totally agree with you that they are beautiful. I love the Magician's Nephew too, but many people don't. I think people woudl liek it better if they loooked more for the creqation. Sorry, I am typing terrible, Linus is bopping mer around and I don't want to be botthered to fix it.

In any case, I didn't list them because they are children's books. Seriously though, they are one of my all time favorite sets of books as well. I've read them 5 or 6 times.

Tannie Datwyler said...

BTW I think you'd really like Daughter of the Forest. It isn't the classic fantasy and the writing is beautiful. I love that book. It almost seems historical fiction instead of fantasy because so much of it is based off of old Ireland and their traditions.