So I LOVED Time Out for Women, which I was fortunate enough to attend this weekend. I'll try to post about that tomorrow, as my notes are not within my reach tonight. Instead, I will tell you a ridiculous story.

A few weeks ago, we visited NH and Boston so Cory could attend a conference for work. When I packed our bags, I put my house keys in our bathroom bag, because I knew I wouldn't be needing them, and they had a pair of nail clippers on the ring, and I didn't want to have to deal with security in the airport. After our visit, I came home with the girls by myself, and left Cory in Boston so he could attend the conference thing. Because I was leaving Cory on a trip, I left our bathroom bag with him so he'd have a place to put all his stuff. I realized about 5 minutes after we left the ground that I didn't have a key to my house, and promptly started freaking out. I knew I hadn't given anyone else a key, and there wasn't one in some hidden spot outside our house. I would usually just call our basement tenants and have them leave their door open for me so I could walk through the house and get in, but they had left on their own vacation the day before. Fortunately, as it turned out, my dad had a key to the basement apartment (they are the landlords of the basement), and I was able to get into our house.

At that point, I should've moved my house keys over to my car key ring, but I hate how bulky it gets with the lock remote thing. So I put it off.

This last Friday, I went up to SLC for Time Out for Women, and spent the night in a friend's condo. Yesterday morning, I had a meeting down here that I needed to attend, so I drove myself home. When I got here (at like 9:20 am), the outside light was still on, and the door was locked. I knocked on the door, and Breanne ran up to it on the inside, and yelled "Mom? Mom? Is that you?" (my car honks when I lock it, and the girls know and recognize that). I said yes, and told her to go get dad to let me in. She replied, "Umm, dad in the shower. I can't open the door!" (She can't do the deadbolt yet, thank heavens). I told her to go knock on the bathroom door and tell dad to let me in, so she ran through the house, and I could hear both her and Janey pounding on the bathroom door and yelling at Cory to come let me in. I waited another 5 minutes or so, but still no one came. Keep in mind that it was snowing and VERY cold at this point. So finally, I gave up, walked around back, grabbed a stick thing, and started beating on the bathroom window. Cory opened it with a bewildered look on his face, and says something to the effect of "what are you doing out there?" At which point, I have to explain that I still don't have any keys, and I would like to be let in the house, please, it's cold...

I'm planning on moving the keys over to the other keychain tomorrow.


*Aliese* said...

Oh my goodness! That's quite the adventure. I can't even imagine how it would feel to have to worry about that an entire flight! Flying is kind of stressful enough, but to add that on top--my goodness!

BECKY said...

I like how you're going to move the keys over TOMORROW, not right now. ha!

gilian said...

I can just picture Janey and Breanne pounding on the door and I can also the bewildered look on Cory's face. Too funny.