Day Three (and a half)

(we made beanbags today, and Cailin was totally fascinated by hers... and also with my iPhone cover. Such great baby toys... :))

So we're beginning the scabbing process... and I can tell Cailin's getting tired of being sick. Her fever was higher today, which equated more fussiness while awake, but also more sleeping. I just feel so bad that she's so uncomfortable, and there's so little I can do for her. Thank heaves that generic acetaminophen wasn't recalled, just Tylenol. :-/ All that being said, though, I think we're getting close to the upside--they say once they're all scabbed over (don't you just love talking in terms of scabs? I know I do!), they're not contagious anymore, which means no more quarantine! I know we're all looking forward to getting out again. We spent some time outside tonight, and it was just so nice to be out of the house--I love when Cory is home and we can all spend time together.


gilian said...

I'm so glad for scabs!

*Aliese* said...

So sad for you baby, but happy for scabs! What a little trooper. :)