Day... several later. :)

It's been about a week and a half since I first started seeing Cailin's spots, and she's doing amazingly better now. They're all scabbed over, and most have healed up. Just a few last spots (ironically, the worst ones, the ones that are still left, are the first ones she had). Isn't she looking great?:

And also, because I can't help but compare the girls in my favorite outfits--here is Janey wearing the same shirt Cailin is, just a couple weeks older than Cailin is now.

And Breanne, different outfit, but same expression:

Every time I start to think about how different they all look, I am reminded of how much they are the same. I love these girls.


just corby said...

Your girls are so pretty! And Cailin looks like she is feeling great!

Katie Rogerson said...

I just have to say that in your header picture Breanne looks *so* pretty. How did she get so big?
And when I first saw the picture of Cailin I thought "Jessie found a green bumbo!" haha I'm glad she's happy and feeling better! And it seems that Naomi's escaped catching chicken pox so good news all around!

BECKY said...

she is looking so much better!!! love the smiles :)

The Kilger Family said...

Your girls really do look so much alike. I'm glad she is feeling better!