An Abbey Jacket

A while back, I responded to a request over on Shwin and Shwin, when she was looking for some pattern testers. I was lucky, and she asked me to help her test out her Abbey Jacket pattern.

  (The popped collar still makes me laugh.  So fun on such a little person.)

SO cute! My first choice was to make a jacket for Janey.  Of course I let her pick out her own fabric, which may have been a mistake, but I think it came out ok.

 Unfortunately, because we were still in the testing stages, the sleeves were quite a bit short, but I still love it.  And you can be assured, if you're thinking about buying it, the sleeves are fixed in the pattern now.  :)

 And it actually fits Cailin perfectly. I still need to make a new one that fits Janey, but in the meantime, Cailin will enjoy this little beauty. As soon as it's cold enough to justify a jacket, rather than just a long sleeved shirt, that is. :)


Merrells said...

Super cute and oh, so chic! :)

Amanda said...

such a cute jacket, and I like the fabric! =)

gilian said...

Another sewing success. And I like the fabric too.

Jamie Larsen said...

Super Cute! I really need to learn how to sew, so I can make cute things like this.

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

Nice! It looks like you meant for the sleeves to be that 3/4 length. Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday!

Sew Rugged @ bear rabbit bear

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