This is absolutely a boastful mom post. Just a warning. :) I don't feel like I do this that often, but I'm so excited about my girl, I just want to share it. And it's my blog so I'll do what I want to. :)

So people regularly ask me how kindergarten is going for Breanne. Short answer--she loves it! Long answer--she is thriving, and knows nearly every student in the three classes (so close to 90 kids) by name. Oh, and she's reading. Yes, she could read a bit before school started, but recently it's just taken off. By the end of the school year, the goal for the teachers is to have every child in the class reading at a level "e" (they start with a, then b, then c, etc.). Breanne is already reading at level "f". I was super proud about this, but then Breanne started telling me about how reading works at her school. I guess the kids are divided into groups (she can only remember snails and pandas and rabbits), based on how well the read. (I feel that I should insert here that the kids don't seem to correlate their speed with their group... though I think that's how it's done). Breanne is a rabbit. She hasn't received a new book to read (they have guided reading books they're supposed to bring home every day) in 4 days, so I asked her today why not. She told me that the teacher that she usually practices reading with (not her actual teacher) has been absent the last few days, and her group hasn't been called on to go read. This was the first I'd heard of groups, so I asked her who else was in her group. She replied "no one." So wait, what? Breanne is the *only* rabbit in the kindergarten? She's the best reader they have? I. am. so. proud.

It later came out that there is one other kid in her class who is in her group, but he's been sick or out of town lately. I'm happy for that little boy, too. And I'm happy she's not in a group totally by herself. But seriously, I'm just so proud of Breanne. I love her desire to learn, and the way she doesn't throw her intelligence in others' faces (like I'm totally doing right now). She is the friendliest girl I've seen on the playground, and is such a wonderful sister and helper besides. Cory and I have talked a lot about how much she desires to help others feel included, and wants to know and love everyone. We're pretty lucky to have such a special girl.

And for your enjoyment, here is Breanne reading the last part of her book (that she's had for 4 days now, ha).

PS. Her back is mostly fine, just a minor rug burn. :)


Katherine said...

That is awesome! Right now, the amount of reading my kindergartener does is point to "to" and "go" every time he sees them. Oh, and asks me what every loving word is!

April said...

That's awesome! She is an amazing reader for her age. I remember working with first graders who couldn't read nearly that quickly when I worked in after-school. I'd be really proud if I were you, too!

Wayman Fam said...

That is amazing. You should be proud. She is a smart little girl and you are a great mom :)

gilian said...

Feeling the proud over here too! Glad I got to hear her live on skype.

*Aliese* said...

What a little smartie! That's wonderful.

Wunda Girl said...

hey! I just found your blog (thanks to your sweet comment on mine :))) I love this post- especially how janey's in the background casually being studious on the computer. You have smrt kids J. What other kids know all that at their ages??????