Showing Off

Alright, so you got to see Breanne's latest trick yesterday. Here are Janey and Cailin's tricks today. Janey is loving preschool, and comes home with new songs to teach me regularly. I present to you the Duck Song:

Also, don't you love the abc's? We're working on learning all those pesky middle letters, haha.

And Cailin, well, she likes to tell jokes.

You just have to know the middle line, as she won't feed it to you. She's pretty good at the punchline though, right?

In short, I love my children. Even on days like today, where I do like 10 loads of laundry (1.5 pinks, .5 yellows, 2 whites, 3 blues (one three times, thanks to someone (me?) putting a (just wet, thankfully) diaper in with the laundry... UGH) and 1 towels and linens). And Cailin runs away at Breanne's school.


BECKY said...

so cute to hear their little voices!

gilian said...

My oh my I miss you guys! So glad for the video. xo

Holly Decker said...

you are by far one of my all time favorite 'moms'.
your kids are the best.

why are we not neighbors?