Project: Catch-Up Pincushion

Next up:  I finally treated myself to the new pins I'd been pining over for months.  Back when I first started sewing, I just bought the standard, short, cheap pins.  And they worked great for two years... but recently I discovered the joy of sewing with longer (and sharper!) pins, and couldn't stop thinking about them.  So, when they were on sale a few months ago, I finally bought them.  When I took them home, I realized I couldn't just stick the new, amazing pins in with my inferior old, bent pins, in my falling apart tomato pincushion:

So I decided to make myself a new pincushion.  Half an hour later, I had this:

I made it with a scrap I got from my friend Jess.  She's awesome like that and gives me cute pieces of fabric.  :)

If I had it to do over, I'd stick something more solid inside the pincushion, like sawdust, or even just a piece of cardboard in the middle, to stop the pins from poking all the way through.  The problem with long pins and a short pincushion... is that they poke all the way through. Whoops.  Oh well, I still like it, and I love my new pins.  Does that make me a total dork?


gilian said...

Why am I not surprised that you can and did make a cute pin cushion?

And you know that I would totally take you to the pin store and buy long pins for you anytime I'm visiting, right?

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

so cute! Glad to see the scrap got made into something pretty! :)