Project: Catch-Up Valentines Skirts

For a craft night the week before Valentine's, I made three simple skirts for my girls.  I wasn't sure at first that they'd be as adorable as I'd originally hoped, but I think they came out all right.  For the younger girls, I used fabric I found on clearance at Walmart--it was a pack of 8 or 10 fat quarters for a dollar or two.  Sweet.  Breanne's is from JoAnn's Valentine's section.  For the waistbands, I used this tutorial.  I have seriously been converted for life.  I don't know if I'll ever do the fold over, sew, insert the elastic, sew the elastic, close the waistband thing ever again.

What do you think?

Cailin's has a bit of lace for length... I cut it a bit too short at first.

Breanne's, though hard to see, is red hearts.

Breanne also had Valentine's day hair, in cute little hearts.  Aww.

Janey wouldn't show me her skirt right side up...

And all three girls sat at this window for a good half hour, watching for our neighbor's missing cat.  We didn't find her, hopefully someone else did.


Tannie Datwyler said...

Those skirts are so sweet!

Britney said...

Some people get all the talent :)

kendascrafts said...

how fun! They look great, and that waistband tutorial looks genius! I think i'm a convert as well.