Baby Poll!!

Hey all, it's that time again!  Can you believe that tomorrow is the big day for the ultrasound?  I know, me either!  So, I've set up a poll on the sidebar--feel free to cast your vote about what you think this baby will be!

Here are some facts about this pregnancy to help you make an informed choice (ha, like there really is such a thing...) :

--My "morning"sickness has been in the evenings, mostly, very similar to Cailin's pregnancy.
--I do not love chocolate, or peanut butter, unless they're put together.
--I did not like bread, avocado, tomatoes or eggs for the first trimester.
--I threw up every time I drank OJ in the first trimester.
--Even though I didn't like whole/chopped tomatoes, I loved salsa, and pizza sauce.  Just fyi, in past pregnancies, pizza sauce made me throw up.
--The baby's heartbeat is consistently around 170 (really fast!).
--I started feeling a LOT better after 14 weeks, but I still need my unison and b6 or I start puking again the next day.
--I started feeling the baby move two weeks ago, and the baby is already kicking pretty hard, and moving around a ton (I'm 16.5 weeks now).
--The Chinese Gender Chart suggests this baby should be a boy... and it's been right with all my girls so far.  However, it also said Cory should've been a girl, so...

There you go.  I think those are all the hints I have.  Let me know what you think, and after my appointment tomorrow at 2:00, I'll let you all know who was right.  I can't wait!!


BECKY said...

The Chinese gender chart has been wrong for E, and this one, and three of my friends lately... so I think it's a cook. :) Ha!
Excited to hear! That is, if she's big enough to show off what she is!!

Corby said...

Oh this is so exciting!! I am 100% sure your baby is a girl. My track record is I am 100% wrong when I guess. So there you go. Boy!

Haws Family said...

Cant wait to hear!! I am thinking boy thoughts for you, but don't know either way. I all girls is super fun, but the sewing gets to be too much! ;)

Britney said...

I'm going with a boy... Can't wait to hear!

Katherine said...

I totally think you are having another girl. My pregnancies were totally different, but both were boys. So I don't know if having different symptoms correlates with different genders. But I'm so excited to find out.

Merrells said...

Jake now says with ours that they are girls till proven otherwise. I'm excited to hear!

Tannie Datwyler said...

Oh BOY!! I am guessing a boy because the odds are in your favor, but I would laugh if it is a girl. :) Hooray either way! I can't wait to hear.

KendasCrafts said...

I guess i'm too late to take the poll, but I'm going to guess girl. :-)