So at bedtime, Cory reads to Breanne... the other night we thought we'd get Janey in on the action, too. The best part? Breanne wanted to do the reading. No, she can't read whole books yet, don't worry, but I did think her attempts to do so made for some good pictures, so here they are:

By the end, Janey had had enough, and Breanne was ready for someone to really read to her. But cute pics nonetheless.

And if I could do picasa collages, I would, believe me, but that is one of the few downsides to using a mac--not an option yet. Silly picasa.


Brandon said...

Silly Macintosh.

Cute pictures. Janey looks like she's doing okay.

Cory Kilger said...

No. Silly Google.

gilian said...

And what was Breanne reading? Of course, Wocket in my Pocket.

So much like her mom.

BECKY said...

ADORABLE pictures!

Katie Lady said...

Ok. Those are really cute. I have the most adorable nieces!