Around the Kilger House...

So the girls have been growing up around here, learning all kinds of new things, so I thought I'd share a few.

occasionally laughs
loves to be sitting or standing up, looking at her surroundings
can't help but open her mouth when tilted forward
rolls over (both ways--I can't believe she's doing it so soon!)
scoots all over the floor somehow
coos at and plays with Breanne
blows lots of bubbles
loves raspberries (the tongue kind, not the fruit)
likes to look around upside down (with her head hanging off your lap is her favorite)
grabs at her toys, and sometimes succeeds at getting them in her mouth
cries more than ever because she is frustrated at not being able to do what she wants
sleeps from around 11:00 pm to 8:00 am without waking me up once because she
sucks on her hands (more and more just her thumb) to soothe herself
is such a wonderful, beautiful, happy baby

jumps with both feet off the ground
pretends to cry when people on tv or around her are sad
has a "baby bird" and "baby puppy" that she carries around, pets, and feeds (don't most kids have imaginary human friends?)
turns on movies for herself, and adjusts the input for either vhs or dvd
regularly colors on her arms and legs
pumps her legs while on the swing
asks to go play at her friend's homes
helps bring in groceries
takes naps willingly
plays with and reads to Janey
helps herself to snacks
loves to fall down at the end of ring around the rosy
is totally lovable, and usually very fun to be around


Janene said...

They are growing up fast!

Meredith said...

I ditto Janene's comment. You have beautiful children!

BECKY said...

I loved this post! What fun! And woot woot for a thumb sucker! I was one of those!