A Funny Story for Each Girl

So Janey is generally a very happy baby, but she doesn't laugh a whole lot yet.  I'd heard a couple chuckles out of her here and there, and she squeals a lot, but nothing that seriously constituted laughing, until the other day.  Hopefully you all are familiar with Homestarrunner.com.  If you're not, you should check it out check it out check it out.  Anyway, we have a kick-the-cheat doll from back in the day, which now resides in Breanne and Janey's room.  The other day I was getting Janey ready for bed, when she noticed the bright yellow and black doll sitting a few inches away from her.  She was reaching for it and grabbing at it, so I moved it a little closer to her.  She was enjoying it so much I that I thought I'd hit it, and make it "talk" like the cheat.  I was a little worried that it'd scare her, but instead, she burst out laughing!  So I hit it again... and again... and again.  She was entertained by this for at least 5 minutes.  We caught just the very end of it on camera, but I don't know how to get videos here yet so I can't show you.  At any rate, it was adorable to hear her little laugh.  The funniest part was that she wasn't smiling as much as she usually does when she squeals with delight, and her laugh sounded almost like a cry, but it definitely wasn't.  I love that girl.


So sometimes Breanne will ask me to sing her songs, like twinkle twinkle, the abc's, snowman, popcorn... she has quite a few in her repertoire.  I enjoy singing them with her, and she is really getting good at the hand motions that go with most of them (she has even made up her own to twinkle twinkle, which I think is hilarious).  She especially seems to like to sing during dinnertime, which I am glad to comply with, because sometimes when I can distract her from her food, she'll eat more without realizing she's doing it.  So anyways, yesterday at dinner, Cory started singing to Breanne.  She immediately started giving him a hard time, "NO! NO! No ninging!  No Ninging!"  I was laughing pretty hard at this, and explained to Cory what she was saying (I don't think he was listening, or else he would've understood her himself).  Breanne then looked at me and said "Mommy ning."  So I sang a song, then Cory tried to sing again, only to receive the same response.  Over and over again, all evening.

The funny part is, I'm quite certain Cory is a better singer than me.  Breanne is just hilarious.


Colby and Meredith said...

I always love all the cute stories you tell of your girls! They sound like such a joy!

Cory Kilger said...

I remember that very differently.