My (other) Pride and Joy

Ok, so back in May I took pictures of my garden spot, but haven't really posted anything about it since then--well, now I am seeing results, and am so excited about it! Here are a few shots...

Yellow pear tomatoes, almost ready to pick...

First edible early girl! So excited!

My happy happy cantelope vines... see all those yellow flowers? Here's hoping they turn into fruit, and soon!

Yellow Zucchini--yes, it is zucchini, I chose yellow because my mom told me it was the easier way to notice them so they didn't grow so huge... yet I let mine get this big... on purpose! Zucchini bread, here I come!

Also happy are the daisies,

and the coneflowers, in the front bed.

Here is today's picking... So excited!

And this was my best attempt at capturing for you just how delicious this tomato was as I was salting it and eating it. Unfortunately, my camera just wanted to focus in on the sink. But I think you get the idea.

I am seriously so excited that my garden is actually doing well! Other veggies growing--pumpkins, corn, peppers, watermelon, and beans (which are really struggling because something is eating them something fierce!) More pictures to come--I took all these at 2:00 in the afternoon, so everything is a little wilty, which I didn't want to show off, so maybe I'll take a few when everything is big and full tonight.


gilian said...

For everything there is a time, a time to sow and a time to reap.

oh, you lucky, diligent gardener. Even if we aren't a perfect gardener, just like with kids, we are rewarded.


Catherine Hess said...

Jessie! your plants all look so lush and beautiful! If you ever doubt your gardening skills, just come have a peek at my withering garden plot...it's a sad thing. Anyway, your blog is really fun! I'm glad you are into blogging also - let's be blog buddies.

Becky said...

I wish that I had a garden. There is nothing yummier than a garden tomato!

*Aliese* said...

JEALOUS!!! I only have room for a small herb garden at the moment.

Amanda said...

Jessie, those veggies do look delicious! way to go! i am seriously so impressed at your first garden.

Meredith said...

Impressive crop! Well done!