Lifelong Dream Fulfilled

Ok, so maybe not lifelong, but since I was about twelve, I've wanted to see Collin Raye in concert. He was my very favorite musician for a long time, and quite possibly still is. For sure in my top 10. Anyway, last night he performed at the UVSC->UVU gala, and Cory's parents were kind enough to buy tickets for most of the family to go, including us! I was SO excited!, and had a blast. Josh Gracin (remember him? AI season 2, I think) was the opener, then Collin Raye, and Joe Nichols was closing up. I'll admit, I was surprised and disappointed that Collin Raye was in the middle (seriously, not the headliner? You've got to be joking me!), but it ended up being a good thing, because we got to leave early enough to get the girls to bed by 10:30. Joe Nichols is ok, but I didn't mind missing him. Anyway, the concert was great, and I only didn't know 2 songs of Collin Raye's--recent hits that are probably on the radio now, but I never listen to the radio anymore because I never go anywhere. Interesting fact--did you know that he has had 25 top 10 charts, and 15 #1's? He could do (and did, I guess) an entire set made up of #1's. I think that really says something about him.

Anyway, it was lots of fun. I don't have any pictures (Katie? what do you have?), but I did have a blast. Thanks again, Kilger family.

P.S. The song 'I Think About You" was my favorite for years... and now it just makes me cry... before I always thought about it from the daughter point of view (Raye wrote it for his daughter), but now, having girls... Yes, yes, I definitely love Collin Raye, and his music.


Tannie Datwyler said...

I love his music too. I was just listening to his Greatest Hits album on my IPOD last week. That is so fun!

BECKY said...

SO jealous! He IS fantastic. I love "One Boy, One Girl" and "What I Need." He's a classic!