Birthday Cake

So in looking over my posts today, I realized I never posted a pic of Breanne and Janey's b-day cake, which I made and was a little bit proud of.  So here it is:

Breanne requested a princess cake, so I made one regular (two layer) white cake, and then took one of her little princess dolls, put it inside a mug cake (haven't you see the recipe floating around? If not, and you want to make a 5 minute cake, let me know and I'll pass it along), and frosted it to look like a dress, then stuck it on the cake. I was pretty worried about how poor the frosting looked at first, but once I put on some embellishments (the flowers and borders), it looked a little better. Cory's mom gave me decorating stuff for my birthday last year, and we have LOVED using it for cakes and cupcakes lately--so fun!

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Katie Rogerson said...

This is amazing! I am very much impressed.