New House

No, we're definitely not moving.  With all the birthday festivities, the girls ended up with two large boxes.  They've enjoyed playing with them the last couple weeks, so I decided to make them into something a little bit cooler--which they've totally loved.

Welcome to Breanne and Janey's house!

Would you like something from my kitchen?

What's that?  Eggplant?  Sure, let me get that for you.

Wait, wait, look at me!  Over here!  With the blue blue eye!

Yeah.  Me.  I'm pretty darn cute, even with my funny face.  

Wanting to play inside.

Sleeping in the house.

Who knew boxes could be such easy fun?


Becky said...

The boxes are always so much more fun than what comes inside!

Tannie Datwyler said...

All I have to say is: "hey you, with the face."