About Wearing Pajamas All Day

So lately, I've had conversations in many places with many different people about wearing pajamas all day. I am not usually one to do it, though most of my friends seem to swear by it. So today the girls and I tried it.

Turns out I am still definitely not a fan. I felt like I didn't get anything accomplished, and the girls didn't learn anything. I definitely feel like I do a better job as a mom when I really get ready for the day.

Just thought I'd let you know.


gilian said...

Sorry, but you've identified yet another way that we are more alike than different. The only time I can stay in pajamas all day is when I'm sick. Really sick. So, yes, there have been days when I've been in my jammies all day, but only when I couldn't convince myself that getting showered and dressed or at least changing into my bargain-priced maternity shorts and a clean t-shirt wouldn't make me feel better.

Katie Rogerson said...

I'm pretty much the same way. I can't be in pajamas all day. I have to get showered and dressed at SOME point... even if it's the late afternoon. Otherwise, the day feels like a complete waste.

Tannie Datwyler said...

I agree with you. :) After my post about PJs all day I thought more about it. I told you before that I usually changed in PJ pants after work, but now that I stay at home I didn't know what to do. So this is what I've been doing lately. I get dressed and only put my PJ pants on when I take a nap. I like that.... I can't nap in jeans. :) I do like to be ready though, I agree, it feels like you do nothing all day if you don't.

Amanda said...

I agree...I can't be in pj's ALL day, especially if I don't shower (unless I'm sick, of course). Lately, what I have discovered is that after you've showered and dressed and been out, if you come home and you'll be home the rest of the day (noon, 4pm, whatever), go ahead and put those jammies on, or sweats...cause man, they're comfortable!