Snow Days

So today was snow day #2's efforts to stay sane, hence the pajamas (and lots of movies), which weren't as effective at evading frustration as I'd hoped. Yesterday actually went a little better, but I didn't post about it--here are some snapshots into our activity, and at the end of the post is a video, if you care to watch it. It's not terribly exciting, but Janey does talk in it a little bit, which is always fun.

Yesterday's main art activity was fruit loop necklaces... which actually didn't turn out very well, because we all got a little bored before they were finished. But we had some fun:

And here is a shot of the snow... on my brand new Mache Scarlet Ranunculus... such a beauty! I hope she survives:

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*Liese said...

Aw, your poor flower covered in snow! I hope it makes it too. Pretty sure those Fruit Loop necklaces look delicious! ...apparently it's almost lunch time...