Can You Believe This?

Because I sure can't!

The other day Breanne asked me what country we live in (which sort of astounded me in the first place...), and I told her we live in the United States of America. She replied with "Oh, like in the pledge!" I said that was right, and asked her if she knew the pledge. I knew that they worked on it every day in preschool, and as of a month and a half ago, she could fill in my blanks, but couldn't recite it herself. Well, apparently now she can. It almost makes me tear up every time I watch it--she is growing up SO fast, and learning so much that I'm not teaching her anymore. I can't believe it.

Oh, and that's Cory's whole family cheering her on in the background. We're seriously going to miss the family gatherings when they move to Ohio in the next couple months. :(


Stephanie said...

Cory's family is moving to Ohio? Where?

Wayman Fam said...

That is adorable!! She is so cute and smart. It's been fun to see you guys a little bit the last month with the holidays.

Kellie Spiker said...

She is so smart! Also I have a question. Where did you get that baby poll on the side of your blog! Next time I get pregnant I want one! Super cute!

BECKY said...

Wow! What a smartie!!! And cute beds they look great! I hope Christmas was fab! And family moving to Ohio = :(.

Amanda said...

Wow! She did such a great job! So cute =). I also love the Christmas jammies, and new beds (and awesome bedding). I thought you got a trundle bed...?