Test Results and 30 Weeks

So today I heard back from my dr's office on my glucose test last week--turns out my glucose level is great! which is always comforting to hear (especially since they said they wouldn't call me unless my levels were bad, otherwise they'd wait until my next appointment to discuss them). So why the call, then? Because apparently my iron levels were really low--they want it to be a 37+ and mine were at 32 1/2... so I'm supposed to start not only taking my prenatals again (you can read why I wasn't here), but also an iron supplement. Wish me well, as those are the very things that were making me so sick at the beginning of this pregnancy.

And for good measure, a picture of me taken today, again in that same yellow shirt I've been wearing all pregnancy... I'm going to have to stop wearing it soon, I think.

I had at least 5 people ask me at our ward Christmas party if I was ready to pop yet... 7+ more weeks, people. Then she can come any time she wants. :) Assuming we can ever figure out a name... any suggestions (that you won't be offended if we don't use)?


Valerie said...

I'm supposed to take iron supplements all the time, not just when I'm pregnant. Try taking them after eating a decent meal and avoid drinking milk when you take it...calcium keeps your body from absorbing the iron as well. Orange juice helps as well.

*Aliese* said...

I wonder if you could get away with doing what I did when I had low iron levels (granted, I wasn't pregnant--nor have I ever been, so that may make a difference)! Anyway, I drank two of those SlimFast chocolate breakfast shakes because apparently their loaded with iron (or at least enough to supplement what I wasn't getting). As for girl names, I've always liked:


Just to name a few...I guess when you're a teacher, names come at you very quickly (and sadly, there's a story to go with nearly all of them!!).

Anna said...

ahh good luck with the vitamins. I keep popping mine, though somewhat irregularly....oh well.

As for names...I can't give you my favorites because we'll probably use them. But I can give you one I like that we won't be using.

How do you feel about Amelia?

Have you tried the name site, nymbler.com?

gilian said...

All I'm going to say about taking iron supplements is remember your fiber.

Okay, I'm saying that and remember that the two quickest ways to the bum trouble that starts with an H are 1. pregnancy and 2. iron supplements.

Good luck with it all. And I have some metamucil if you want it...

I will be calling her "sweet baby girl" even after you have a name picked out...

Mandi said...

Glad to hear you don't have to worry about gestational diabetes--that'd be no fun. Good luck remedying your anemia! I really like the chocolate breakfast shakes, myself, although I haven't ever tried the SlimFast brand (I drink them to GAIN weight, lol). I go for the Carnation kind with a banana and some peanut butter.

Good luck on the girl names--I'm despairing of ever having one (I just have this feeling that I'll have all boys), so I try not to get my hopes up by thinking of them. :) Can't wait to see what you choose, though!

Amanda Nemelka said...

Here are some names I liked but Jeff vetoed with Sophie.