The first parts of my Christmas projects are complete! For Christmas this year, the girls are getting new beds--the baby will need the crib in a few months, so to prep, Janey will be moving up to Breanne's toddler bed (can't believe she's old enough for that yet! Makes me a little bit sad, to be honest), and Breanne is getting a pretty new white twin sized bed that we bought off of a Kilger family friend. To celebrate the new beds, I have been making new quilts.


And Breanne's (she picked out the fabrics herself):

Breanne's was my first attempt at ever piecing a quilt, so I'm not going to give you too many detail pictures, because nothing lines up exactly right... but I am pleased with how it turned out. I had intended on just tying it with yarn, too, but found that I couldn't get the needle and yarn through all the fabric at the seams, so I decided to sew it together, instead... good thing no one really looks at the back, or I'd be embarrassed at how not straight the lines are.

Anyway--now I'm excited to put up the beds and see how they look (and how the girls do in them...). And don't worry, when Janey moves up to a twin bed, I'll piece her a quilt too. Don't think I'm favoring one over the other--I made Breanne simpler bedding when she moved to a toddler bed, too, just like Janey's. I just wanted to try something new for Breanne's. And honestly, I love how both of them turned out.


Katie Rogerson said...

They turned out so good! And I love Breanne's quilt. She made good choices on the fabrics.

Geo said...

Wow! Look at you, Miz Quilter! They look great, and I'm impressed with your piecing. And you're done with two weeks to spare! Amazing.

*Liese said...

Way to go! Breanne's is BEAUTIFUL. Seriously. What a cool thing to do for your girls! A little rite of passage, if you will. :)

Rik said...

These look awesome! They're giving me motivation to finish my quilt.

BECKY said...

The pink one looks ADORABLE!!

Phairforce said...

Jessie you did a REALLY great job on these!