Since Cailin was on the pediatrics floor at the hospital, there were several things for older kids and patients to do around our room. I didn't allow the girls to come up at all (we didn't need more cross contamination, or the noise), except for one time, when Breanne had an accident (right next to the toilet on the first floor of the hospital, mind you) and needed some clean clothes, which I had in my purse with me. When I was taking her back down to the car, she saw this little hopscotch on the floor of the hospital, and just had to do it. It was all I could do not to start bawling at that point, because I just wanted to leave with her, and go play. Instead I took a few photos of just how big she's getting. And lest you think I'm just some crazy emotional sap, just keep in mind that at this point we'd been in the hospital 5 days, Cory was leaving for Atlanta in a matter of minutes, and my big girls were headed up to my parents' home. My pediatrician had originally hoped we'd go home that day, and had just given me the news that it probably wouldn't be for at least 2 more days. Rough morning.

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gilian said...

Even though it was great for me to have the girls for those few days, I can't even begin to imagine how hard that morning was for you. So glad everybody is doing better and back at your house.