Janey's Two-Year-Old Stats

Name: Janey Renae

Age: Two

Height: 32 inches

Weight: 22 lbs


These are all answers she gave me.

Color: Red/Pink (every time I ask, she says one of those two, but goes back and forth on them).

Animal: Dog (JoJo especially)

Food: Pancakes

Movies: Boots... Dora!

Books: Alella baby books (the princess board books--alella is like the latter half of Cinderella...)

Song: Patty Cake

Past time: Babies! (She LOVES to play with her baby dolls, especially her new ones).

Favorite Birthday Present: Babies!

Best Friend: Breanne

A few I'd like to answer--

Best Feature: Her ability to brush things off--if she gets hurt, she just wants me to acknowledge it most of the time, and then she's fine. If someone takes her toy, she's usually happy as long as they give her something else. If she takes someone else's toy, she's really good about giving it back, if I ask her to.

Funniest things said by Janey lately: She says "Yep" and "Nope!" instead of yes and no, which I think is hilarious. She's also starting to put words together into pretty decent sentences. Last night, after her cousin Claire dumped an entire deck of Uno cards on the floor, she looked at the cards, and said "Claire... cards... mess!"--I love it.

Biggest accomplishments in the last year: Lots of motor development, and her speech development. She is a crazy climbing/running/almost jumping child, and loves to wrestle, go for rides on your back, and just play in general. That being said, she also insists on holding my hand to go down our front stairs, and for much of the time we spend while walking outside. Also in the last few months, her speech has really taken off. She's gone from just a few words to more than I can count, and her speech is much more understandable than Breanne's was at her age. I love that she is able to communicate her needs, wants, concerns and issues to me. When she cries, she can tell me why. However, she isn't always reliable--if she doesn't understand your question, she'll still usually answer, whether it's true or not.

Despite how crazy Janey can be, and her lack of desire to listen to me sometimes, I seriously love this little girl. She has so much energy and spirit for life, and is pretty much fearless (the one exception being the monsters she and Breanne were pretending to run away from the other day--so funny!). It's been so fun to watch her grow into her own little being over the last year, and I love that she can hold her own against Breanne. Over the last few weeks, they've become such wonderful playmates, and are willing to spend most of their time together. Recently they've been playing vacation... they pack their bags, take a trip to my bedroom, hang up their clothes (play dresses), put their shoes away (in my shoebox), and pretend to watch tv in my bed (there is no tv in my bedroom, but there was one in their bedroom in the hotel in NH). It cracks me up every time I hear them talking about what they want to do on their trip. And don't even fight that much--it's been so nice to have them getting along so well as we've all been adjusting to being back at home again, with a new baby besides. Janey is such an amiable little girl, I love having her around. Two years ago I was terrified about making the transition from one child to two. Now I can't imagine a life without my sweet girl Janey.


Brandon said...

Ha, Scott also now uses "nope." It's pretty much adorable.

gilian said...

This comment has very little to do with your post about Janey's two-year-old stats, but I wanted you to know that today was a wonderful, fun, funny, glorious time, both in the back yard and in my chair with your sweet girls in my arms. So glad you visit us.