Snowman Craft Day

So every now and then we do some sort of new craft. Both the girls really love art time, but now that Janey's participating, I have to be more careful about what they do (I like low-supervision, low-mess crafts). I finally decided to let her do something with glue the other day, and she did great! We made snowmen out of cotton balls on paper--I drew one for Janey and let her put on the cotton balls, Breanne did hers completely by herself.

I think if I do this again, I might do it on paper plates, and use chocolate syrup as the glue and use marshmallows for the snowmen... yummy! And if it's going to be messy, it might as well be yummy.

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gilian said...

See--a perfect example of your mom greatness. So sad your mom didn't do art projects with you guys...