Sleeping Janey

So as I have said before, Janey has been refusing to let me put her down for a nap in her bed. This doesn't mean that she doesn't *need* a nap, just that she screams when I put her into her room, sometimes to the point that she pukes. Not a fan of that. I've discovered, however, that if I put a movie on around naptime and let Janey sit next to me, she'll usually fall asleep, at which point I can move her to her own bed (if I haven't fallen asleep as well). As you can imagine, this occasionally leads to funny sleep positions, which I always enjoy taking pictures of. Here are a few of my favorites:

Having a new sister is so hard:

Playing is sometimes really hard too:

And this one is particularly funny--if you can't tell, she is sprawled across my knees (I'm laying on the couch with my feet up on the arm of it). I was laying here, she crawled up on the couch (going under my legs), looked at me pitifully with her arm outstretched, said "Mom, I'n dirsty..." which trailed off into nothing as she zonked out on my knees. So funny, and a little sad. I promise I give my children drinks every day, she couldn't have been that thirsty--you can even see her cup! She was just so tired:


gilian said...

This little girl is such fun, even when she is falling asleep.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Oh my goodness!! SOOOO funny. I love it - and that's a great solution for getting her to take a nap. That's so sad that she cries so hard she pukes sometimes. :(